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To all members of the
Old Antarctic Explorers Association 

The OAEA admin team is establishing a new email distribution list that will allow the president and his staff to better communicate with you.

The widespread use of electronic mail (email) has become an efficient, convenient, and economical way for people from all over the world to communicate. While traditional email is ideal for one-on-one interaction, email lists advance the concept a step further by disseminating a single message simultaneously to a group of people. Fast, global, and cost effective mass communication is easy with the use of email lists.

There are 3 steps involved in signing up to the OAEA email list.

1 – Fill in the information requested in the below Opt-in form and click on the Sign-up button.

2 Immediately after signing up you will see a page that advises you to go to your email and confirm that you want to be added to the OAEA email list.

3: Click on the confirmation link and you will now be on the official email distribution list.

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