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  •  Following the 2005 OAEA Reunion in Oxnard, California the OAEA Communicator Group was created in order to raise funds for the OAEA Educational Foundation and solicitations for donations to this group fund was sent out by email to former Radiomen, Electronics Technicians, Communications Officers, and Electronic Material Officers who served in ASA/NSFA and VX/E-6. The initial goal was to raise $1,000 to match the donation made by the Para Rescue Team make at the 2005 reunion. However, we exceeded our goal and on 2 June 2005 a check of $2,000 was sent to the OAEA Treasurer for the Scholarship Fund.
  • The drive for the next Communicator Group Fund was started in mid-2006 and the elegible donors was expanded to include the ASA/NSFA Air Traffic Controllers (ACs) and the VX/E-6 Aviation Radiomen/Aviation Electronics Technicians (ATs). The goal of $3,000 was reached and in early 2007 a check in this acmount was presented to the OAEA Secretary bringing the combined total of donations from the Communicator Group to $5,000.
  • In early 2008 the third OAEA Communicator Group Fund drive was started. We had hopes of raising $5,000 this time, but the slow economy and skyrocketing fuel prices dashed all hope of raising that much money. However, we did manage to accumulate $2,000 in donations and a check for that amount was presented to the OAEA Treasurer at the 2008 OAEA Reunion in Pensacola Beach Florida bringing the grand total of OAEA Communidator Group donations to $7,000.
  • Donations for the 2009/2010 OAEA Communicator Grou Fund drive are already starting to come in even though the official campaign has not been started. The time we are officially inviting Radiomen, Electronics Technicians, and civilian communicators from all units that participated in Operations Highjump, Windmill, Deep Freeze and the USAP.
  • It should be noted that the Donation Award Levels outlined below apply only to donations made to the OAEA Communicator Group Fund for the OAEA Scholarship Fund.
  • The below award levels apply only to the OAEA Communicator Group. The criteria for the Donor Club levels are slightly different from the OAEA Donor equivalents.
    ♦ Little Blue Penguin Club $1 to $99.00 Donors
    ♦ Bronze Adelie Club $100.00 to $499.00 Donors
    ♦ Gold Adelie Club $500.00 to $999.00 Donors
    ♦ Silver Adelie Club $1000.00 to $4999.00 Donors
    ♦ Emperor Club $5,000.00 to $9,999.00 Donors
    ♦ * Club $10,000.00
    *To be named after the first donor to reach this level
  • The OAEA Communicator Group has no budget and no overhead. All the money collected is donated to the OAEA, therefore as donor levels are reached there will not be any certificates or plaques issued, but this information will be posted on this web site and in the Explorer’s Gazette. Records will be maintained to indicate cumulative growth of a donor to the next level.
  • As of 15 July 2009 the followowing OAEA Communicator Group donors have reached the award levels indicated. If you know, or think, that you have donated money to the OAEA Communicator Group Fund and you DO NOT see your name on the below list you should contact the fund administrator Billy-Ace Baker, [email protected], 850 456 3556 or at the OAEA National Headquarters address.
    ♦ Little Blue Penguin Club
    SN/LCPL Sean Nelson Baker
    ET1 Bill Caton
    ETN3 Alex Decess
    RM3 Jim Evans
    RM1 Dennis “Geek” Hayden
    AT2 Skip Johnson
    CWO Robert Kniese
    RMC Harold MacPherson
    RM3 Debbie Maffin
    RM2 John “Muff” Maffin
    ETC George Parker
    RM3/Civ Daniel Parkin
    RM1 Butch Suchland
    RMC O. “Tom” Thompson
    RM2/JO2Thomas Wilborn
    ♦ Bronze Adelie Club
    RM1 John “Stinky” Bowling
    CIV Robert “Bio Bob” Boyd
    ET1 John Boyda
    CWO Bob Conner
    LCDR Douglas Dixon
    RM2 Andrew Herman
    RM2/R. F. Kiser
    ET1 James Mortier
    CWO Choyce Pruitt
    RMC William Ryan
    RM2 Karl Sackman
    LT Frank Stokes
    RM2 Philip Toney
    RM1 John Lamont West
    RMC/Civ Noah White
    RM1 Howard “Guhor” Wick
    RM1 Terrance “Zeek” Zapp
    ♦ Gold Adelie Club
    ET1 Richard Everett
    ♦ Silver Adelie Club
    Billy-Ace Baker
    ET1 Daniel Bolton
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