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Spring is the time to start thinking about this year’s scholarship nominations. Each year the OAEA is able to provide limited scholarship assistance to deserving applicants.

All applications with enclosures need to be received by the date shown on the application; submissions will be reviewed and decided on by the Scholarship Committee and awards will be made by approximately August 15.

The scholarship program is funded solely by donations from the membership, and total award amounts are based on mutual fund earnings from the scholarship funds. For your convenience, an application is included in this issue of the Explorers Gazette.

To sponsor an applicant, the sponsor needs to be a Life member of the association, or be an Annual member with membership paid up through June 30 of the following year. The sponsor needs to include a statement as per the application. This is the most common omission, and without it, the application may not be reviewed. The application certainly won’t receive as high a ranking as an application with a sponsor’s statement.

Scholarship candidates need to be a graduating high school senior or enrolled and attending college to be eligible. The candidate should submit all pertinent paperwork as outlined on the application.

Send completed application(s) to
OAEA Scholarship Committee Chairman,
3104 Deepspring Drive,
Chesapeake, VA 23321-2448

CLICK HERE to download an OAEA donation form

Mail donations to:
Old Antarctic Explorers Association
3104 Deepspring Drive,
Chesapeake VA 23321.

  • Be sure to make your check payable to the OAEA and indicate what the donation is to be used for, or you may download and submit a Donor Form with your donation.
  • The Old Antarctic Explorers Association, Inc. is a tax exempt charitable organization chartered under U. S. Code 501(c)3 and is dedicated to:
  • Perpetuating the memory of the Antarctic Experience and preserving the history of U. S. Navy involvement in Antarctica and to establish public awareness of our group.
  • Uniting all Antarctic Explorers, and other interested persons, in sharing the Antarctic Experience and perpetuating the memory of U.S. involvement in Antarctica.
  • The benevolent, education, recreation and general welfare of the Antarctic Explorers, their families and friends who participated in, shared, or have an interest in the Antarctic Experience.

CLICK HERE to download an AOEA donation form

Mail donations to:
Old Antarctic Explorers Association
3104 Deepspring Drive,
Chesapeake VA 23321.


  • In early 2003, this matter was a topic of discussion by the OAEA Board of Directors but never reached finalization. Throughout 2003, numerous steps were taken to promote the OAE Educational Foundation and solicitations for donations to this fund have now been publicized and donations are being received. Acceptance of designated levels will not only serve to recognize donors but also promote incentive for additional donations.
  • It should be noted that the Donation Award Levels outlined below apply to all donations made to the OAEA for whatever purpose(s).
  • The OAEA BOD have agreed on the below award levels. The $10,000.00 level to be named after the first donor to reach this level and could entice corporate donations. The three Adelie levels match the ascending order for multiple award levels of the Antarctic Service Medal (ASM) with Winter-Over devices.
  • Little Blue Penguin Club First 100 $50.00 Donors
  • Bronze Adelie Club $100.00
  • Gold Adelie Club $500.00
  • Silver Adelie Club $1,000.00
  • Emperor Club $5,000.00
  • * Club $10,000.00
    *To be named after the first donor to reach this level
  • The OAEA Database Manager will keep records to indicate cumulative growth of a donor to the next level. As levels are reached, the Database Manager will provide this information to the OAEA Secretary. When a donor reaches the $500.00 level the Secretary will provide he or she with a framed certificate and when the donor reaches the $1,000.00 level he or she will receive a plaque. The Database Manager will also provide the information to the OAEA Webmaster/Gazette Editor for posting and publication.
  • Certificates will be mailed in a frame to the donor. Plaques will be made up at a local vendor and contain OAEA logo and appropriate wording and donor name. If possible, the plaques may be presented to the donor by an officer of the OAEA or at a reunion or regional chapter/group meeting if appropriate timing, otherwise they will also be mailed out.
  • All donations are tax exempt however, IAW the provisions of federal law the OAEA will NOT provide the donor with a receipt. Your cancelled check will serve as your receipt.
  • It is hoped that by advertising that the Bronze, Gold, and Silver recognition levels follow the award levels of the ASM might spark some competitive challenge pledges from members who earned winter-over awards, and multiple winter-over awards of the ASM. Knowing what the recognition levels represent might even generate some interest from potential corporate donors.
  • As of 30 December 2017 the following donors have reached the award levels indicated.


Donations as of   12/30/2017

Donor Level                        Donor Name

Little Blue Penguin Club

SN/LCPL Sean Nelson Baker
ET1 Bill Caton
ETN3 Alex Decess
RM3 Jim Evans
RM1 Dennis “Geek” Hayden
AT2 Skip Johnson
CWO Robert Kniese
RMC Harold MacPherson
RM3 Debbie Maffin
RM2 John “Muff” Maffin
ETC George Parker
RM3/Civ Daniel Parkin
RM1 Butch Suchland
RMC O. “Tom” Thompson
RM2/JO2 Thomas Wilborn

  Donor Level                     Donor Name

        OAEA Communicator Club Level

                                                            OAEA Communicators Group

        Emperor Club Level

                                                            Baker, Billy-Ace

        Silver Adelie Club Level

                                                            2006 Reunion Committee

                                                            2008 Reunion Committee

                                                            2014 Reunion Committee

                                                            2016 OAEA New England Reunion

                                                            Biery, Roger

                                                            OAEA-NE Chapter

                                                            Oona, Henn

                                                            Peterson, David

                                                            Splain, Vincent

   VX6 Para Rescue Team
   ET1 Daniel Bolton
   Billy-Ace Baker

       Gold Adelie Club Level

                                                            Buehler, Cyril

                                                            Cordes, Fauno

                                                            Herman, Andrew

                                                            OAEA-GC Chapter

                                                            Reed, Dale

                                                            Reynolds, Paula

                                                            Soulia, George

   ET1 Richard Everett

        Bronze Adelie Club Level

                                                           2010 Memory Book Donors

                                                          Ainley, David

                                                          Baker, Jamie

                                                          Baker, Sean

                                                          Baker, Tracey

                                                          Barnard, Richard

                                                          Bethea, Joe

                                                          Blankenship, John

                                                          Bolt, Ron

                                                          Bourgeois, William

                                                          Boyer, Robert

                                                          Bracken, Harold

                                                          Brow, Robert

                                                          Brown, Rodger

                                                          Bush, Carl

                                                          Cabrera, Quirino

                                                          Capozzoli, Albert

                                                          Clough, John

                                                          Cockrill, Millard

                                                          Conklin, Harold

                                                          Cornwell, Jim

                                                          Cox, Lynne

                                                          Cunningham, Clair

                                                          Damvelt, Karen

                                                          Dewald, Bruce

                                                          Dieckhoff, Charlotte

                                                          Diller, Marty & Bev

                                                          Dostal, W.

                                                          Dunn, Thomas

                                                          Durham, Sr., James

                                                          Eblen, Ruth

                                                          Ellena, Eugene

                                                          Emick, John

                                                          Epperly, Robert

                                                          Everett, Richard

                                                          Fazio, Bill

                                                          Flesner, Harold

                                                          Gerrish, Samuel

                                                          Gibbs, Maurice

                                                          Gillens, Sarah

                                                          Giro, John

                                                          Giro, Mary

                                                          Grass, Donna

                                                          Grimes, Paul

                                                          Hall, Richard

                                                          Halpern, Barry

                                                          Hamblin, Edwin & Linda

                                                          Hames, Winters

                                                          Hand, Ernest

                                                          Harmon, Charles

                                                          Hartford, Charles

                                                          Hartman, Janet

                                                          Hartman, Susan

                                                          Hendry, John

                                                          Henley, Elizabeth

                                                          Henley, Joseph

                                                          Henry, Kenneth

                                                          Herr, Arthur

                                                          Hickey, John

                                                          Higdon, John

                                                          Holloway, Phil

                                                          Hood, Elaine

                                                         Jernigan, Laura

                                                         Johnson, Robert

                                                          Judd, Robert

                                                          Kees, Billy

                                                          Konrad, Bradley

                                                          Konrad, Kerry

                                                          Konrad, Robert

                                                          Konrad, Robert

                                                          Lahtinen, Peter

                                                          Landy, James

                                                          Landy, Pamela

                                                          Lenkey, John

                                                          Lindberg, Arthur

                                                          Livermore, Gerald

                                                          Loper, Gene

                                                          McGraw, Theresa

                                                          Morton, John

                                                          Mourlas, James

                                                          Mull, Jr., William

                                                          Munson, Evelyn

                                                          Nero, Leonard

                                                          Northrup, David

                                                          Norwood, Raymond

                                                          OAEA New England

                                                          OAEA-Southern California

                                                          O’Donnell, William

                                                          Olsen, Don

                                                          O’Neal, Jerry

                                                          Owler, Robert

                                                          Panehal, Paul

                                                          Phillips, Elmer

                                                          Rouzer, William

                                                          Smith, Herschel

                                                          Smith, Walter

                                                          Snow, Laura

                                                          Snyder, Mary

                                                          Spaulding, Richard

                                                          Spencer, Erwin

                                                          Startz, Donna

                                                          Tamplet, Walter

                                                          Taylor, William

                                                          Tobey, Susan

                                                          Toney, Philip

                                                          Trimpi, Michael

                                                          Van Reeth, Eugene

                                                          Verba, Sheila and Cheryl

                                                          Walsh, Michael

                                                          Werner, Alexander

                                                          Whitehead, Eugene

                                                          Yow, Maxine

                                                          Zinser, Richard

The below are the names that I found
on the Communicator page that were
not listed on your list that you sent me.

RM1 John “Stinky” Bowling
CIV Robert “Bio Bob” Boyd
ET1 John Boyda
CWO Bob Conner
LCDR Douglas Dixon
RM2 Andrew Herman
RM2/R. F. Kiser
ET1 James Mortier
CWO Choyce Pruitt
RMC William Ryan
RM2 Karl Sackman
LT Frank Stokes
RM2 Philip Toney
RM1 John Lamont West
RMC/Civ Noah White
RM1 Howard “Guhor” Wick
RM1 Terrance “Zeek” Zapp

To download an OAEA Donation Form CLICK HERE


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